EAGLECOMS - Your reliable source for replacement PMR batteries

EAGLECOMS Ltd offer a full and comprehensive range of top quality replacement batteries, suitable for use with radio from manufacturers such as Motorola, ICOM, Kenwood and many others.

Our range of batteries offers the end user an alternative to batteries from the original manufacturer, at a much lower cost of ownership. Typical savings of over twenty five percent can be made, without sacrificing quality.

Battery Construction

The cases of all of our batteries are manufactured out of high impact material, to ensure that they are able to withstand the roughest of handling in the field.

Any battery pack is only as good as the cells used in the manufacture of the battery. We use only the best quality cells in our replacement battery range, and before installation, each cell is individually tested and matched for impedance and voltage characteristics. This ensures that all of the cells within the battery perform in unison.

A flexible PCB (printed circuit board) is used within the batteries, to connect the cells and external connector, so ensuring no short circuit within the battery is possible. In the case of Lithium batteries, full protection is guaranteed by the use of an “intelligent” internal protection circuit.

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Please note we are adding to our range of replacement batteries on a continuous basis - If you do not see the battery you require in the list, please contact us


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